About this blog

About this blog

This blog contains images, interviews, and commentaries from the DLM forum on Information and Records Management in Europe: Achievements and new directions.  The International Council on Archives participated in the forum to present its archival software package, ICA-AtoM, as well as the recently released Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments, and two new descriptive standards for archival functions (ICA-ISDF) and archival holdings (ICA-ISDIAH).

Ce blog propose des articles, images et interviews menés au cours du Forum DLM sur la gestion de l’information et des archives électroniques en Europe : réalisations et nouvelles directions. Le Conseil international des Archives a présenté à cette occasion son logiciel libre, ICA-AtoM,  ses Principes et conditions fonctionnelles pour les archives dans des environnements bureautiques électroniques et deux nouvelles normes pour la description des fonctions (ICA-ISDF) et la description des institutions de conservation des archives (ICA-ISDIAH).

About the contributors

Anne Bast is a student in Archives and Records Management at the Institut National du Patrimoine and the University of Michigan School of Information.  For the past year she has worked with the Secretariat of the International Council on Archives on a project called the Flying Reporters.  This project, born out of the 16th International Congress in Kuala Lumpur,  aims to build an international network of young professionals in the field of archives and records management.


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